All things related to job search - links to tools that will help you along the way 😎

Your journey

Kick off

🤩 Define your dream job

🗄️ Create your SSoT

⚒️ Must-have tools during your job search

🖼️ Job Search Canvas

📒 Start (and keep) a Brag Book!


🛠️ Free tools to tweak your resumé

💬 Review your resumé - Keywords

🧑‍🏫 Review your resumé - Grammar

✉️ How to write a cover letter #1

💌 How to write a cover letter #2


💰What is your salary expectation?

🎙️How to prepare for a remote interview

🎧 How to prepare for your FIRST interview

🧑‍💻 How to prepare for ANY interview

👩‍💻 Free tools to prepare for a TECH interview

📝 Free tools to better prepare for an interview

❓ Great questions to ask during job interviews


🥇 How to choose between 2+ offers

Random AND Useful

For Brazilians

🧑‍🏫 Tweak your LinkedIn Profile (in Portuguese)

🇧🇷 The uniqueness of Brazilians

Remote Work

💾 Guides and tools

🌐 Best websites to find remote work

👩‍🏫 Slides about remote work - 2019

👩‍🎓 How to make the best of remote work - Slides 2022


🔗 How to approach people on LinkedIn

✍️ Communicate clearly with BLUF

Life Crisis

🧘 Good websites to understand who you are - professionally

💭 16 personalities

🟢 Career transition - take a new perspective

🛣️ How to make a career transition

Organizational Culture

🤨 How to build trust

🤔 What IS trust?

☠️ Toxic culture: why, what, how

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I'm Gabi, and I've been working with Talent Acquisition since 2009 and Remote Work since 2013. I’ve discussed job search strategies with hundreds of people and executed successful processes.

To make the information more accessible, I've been writing about it on my Medium. And for a better UX, I created this library 🤓

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